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About The InGlorious



The InGlorious is a musical duo comprised of Stacey J. Harcum and Kyle D. Johnson, based in the Philadelphia area. Growing up together since the age of two, the two were influenced early on by the sounds of the church, and the jazz, soul, and R&B influences that surrounded them by their musician parents and relatives. Their later introduction to classical music, blues, and pop  through various school and after-school music programs — most notably their enrollment in classical music programs at Temple University and West Chester University — rounded their musical versatility and birthed the ever-evolving soundscape they create today.

Pulling from artists such as Frank Ocean, Wes Montgomery, Kanye West, Peter Gabriel, & Pavarotti they seek to use their “mixed bag” musical curriculum to create music that is thought-provoking, moving and palatable. In their writing they explore the subjects of faith, growing pains, love, and the duality of the human experience. 


While the two of them have been writing songs together since 2011, they officially adopted the moniker and became “The InGlorious” in 2016. Since then, they have played throughout the Philadelphia area at venues such as World Cafe Live, Creep Records, and Grand Yesha Ballroom, and throughout the Delaware Valley

As of 2021 they've released 3 EP projects entitled: Rainfall (2018), Peace (2019) & I'll Be Better (2021) among numerous singles, and are currently working on their debut album.

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